M35 - Open Cluster in Gemini

Telescope: Takahashi FS-102 @ f/8  
Camera: ST-2000XM w/CFW-8  
Mount: EM-200 Temma  
Exposures: L: 6x3min. R: 2x1min. G: 2x1min. B: 2x1min. (all unbinned)  
Processing: Images were captured, reduced, and had histograms adjusted using CCDSoft v.5. Color images were aligned and combined with RegiStar. The luminance layer was added in Photoshop 7. The composite was then adjusted (Curves, Saturation, slight cropping).  
Note: The smaller open cluster in the upper left of the frame is NGC 2158.  
Location: My backyard in SE Minnesota.  
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