VDB 149/150 in Cepheus

Telescope: Orion 120ED
Camera: Canon XS (Hutech modified); Raw capture; ISO 800
Mount: Losmandy G-11
Guiding: SSAG on 400mm guide scope

60 @ 5 min.


Camera was focused using Live View. Images were aligned and combined with ImagesPlus (4 separate sets). The final product was adjusted (Levels, Curves, Cropping) in Photoshop CS2. Finally,Grain Surgery was applied to reduce noise.


My backyard observatory in southeastern Minnesota.
Note: Seeing was average; transparency was average; humidity was low. Temperature: 30F

Note: VDB 149 is the round, blue nebula at the center left. VDB 150 is the streaky blue neubla toward the right. The dark nebula to the upper right is LdN 1235. These were difficult object to capture despite the large number of exposures that were integrated. You really need very dark skies for this region.
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