Sh2-240 (Simeis 147) in Taurus

Lens: Nikon 180ED @ f/2.8
Camera: Canon XS (Hutech modified); Raw capture; ISO 1600; Astronomik 6nm Ha filter
Mount: Losmandy G-11
Guiding: SSAG on 500mm guide scope

18 @ 10 min.


Camera was focused using Live View. Images were aligned and combined with ImagesPlus (3 separate sets). The final product was adjusted (Levels, Curves, Cropping) in Photoshop CS2. Finally,Grain Surgery was applied to reduce noise.


My backyard observatory in southeastern Minnesota.
Note: Seeing was better than average; transparency was average; humidity was low. Temperature: 0 F

Note: This supernova remnant is very large (3 deg. - the width of six full moons) and extremely faint.
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