NGC2237-9 - "The Rosette Nebula" in Monoceros

This is a rich star-forming area illuminated by bright, young stars. NGC2244 is the star cluster at the center of the nebulosity. It is aptly named.
Lenses: Ha: Nikon 180ED f/2.8
Color: Canon 300/4 @ f/4.5
Camera: Ha: Atik 16HR w/Astrodon 12nm filter
Color: Canon 10D
Exposures: Ha: 18 @ 5 min.
Color: 12 @ 5 min.
Mount: Losmandy G-11
Guiding: STV w/105mm Takumar lens and Orion SSAG w/Komura 300mm lens
Processing: Ha: Images were focused, aligned, and combined in MaxIm DL. Combined image was adjusted (levels, curves) in Photoshop CS2.
Color: Images were converted, calibrated, and combined (Add) in ImagesPlus. Levels, Curves, and Cropping were done in Photoshop 7.
The Ha and color images were aligned using RegiStar and combined (layer-color blend) in Photoshop CS2
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