Rho Ophiuchi Star Cloud

This section of our Milky Way is one of the closest (at 425 light years away) star-forming regions. It covers 4.5 x 6.5 degrees in our sky. Antares (alpha Scorpii) is the bright yellow star at the lower right. It is approximately 550 light years away. The globular star cluster to its right is M 4. It lies 7 thousand light years away from us.

Rho Ohphiuchus is a binary star system seen at the upper right of the frame. It lies 360-450 light years away. The blue nebulosity surrounding it is designated as IC 4604. The yellow nebula surrounding Antares is IC 4606 while the red nebula to the far right is Sh2-9 (aka Lynds 1688). This surrounds Sigma Scorpii. Finally, the long dark nebula streaming to the left of the image is B44. It is often referred to as the Dark River Nebula.

Lens: 120mm f/2 SMC-Takumar
Mount: Omegon Tracker
Camera:  Modified Canon 650D; raw capture; ISO 1600
Exposures: 45 @ 1 min.
Note: Taken from my driveway in southeastern Minnesota on 6/30 - 7/1/2021.
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