Northern Region of the Moon

Many prominent lunar features are visible in this image. The large crater that is predominantly in the shadow at the far upper right is Copernicus. The smaller, well-defined crater to the lower left of Copernicus is Erathostenes. The large, smooth-bottomed crater at the lower right is Plato. Mare Imbrium is at left center while Mare Serenitatis is at right center. The mountainous ridges between the two mares are Montes Apennius (upper section) and Montes Caucasus (lower section).
Telescope: Takahahsi FS-102 (stopped down to f/16) w/19mm eyepiece projection (approx. f/43)
Camera:  ST-8 w/Lunar Filter
Mount: G11
Exposures: .22 sec.
Processing:  The images were captured using CCDSoft v.5. Two images were combined into a mosaic using Photoshop 7 where some unsharp mask was then applied.
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