Sh2-142 & NGC 7380 - The "Wizard Nebula" in Cepheus


NGC 7380 is often referred to as the "Wizard Nebula." NGC 7380 is actually the open cluster contained in the nebulosity known as Sh2-142. It is a star-forming region of the sky, lying approximately 7100 light years away and spanning 140x75 light years.


Optics: Vixen VC200L scope @ f/9
Cameras: SBIG 8300 w/Baader 7nm Ha filter (binned 2x2)
Hap Griffin modified Canon T4i (650D) ISO 3200; Raw capture
Mount:  Losmandy G-11
Guiding: Orion SSAG on Lumicon 50 finder scope

Ha: 14 @ 5 min.
Color: 42 @ 5 min.

Processing: The Ha images were reduced, aligned, and combined in CCDSoft.
The color images were converted from Raw format in Canon Digital Photo Professional. They were aligned and combined in ImagesPlus.
The Ha and color images were aligned with RegiStar the final image was adjusted (Curves) in Photoshop.
All images were taken from my backyard observatory in late September, 2012. I wanted to get more Ha images but the weather did not permit it at the time.
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