NGC6960 - Supernova Remnant in Cygnus

(Part of the Cygnus loop)


Orion 120ED at f/6 w/TeleVue RFL-4087 reducer (for Ha)
Takahashi FS-128 @ f/6.5 w/William Optics .85x reducer/flattener (for Color)

Cameras: Atik 16HR w/Astrodon Ha Filter
Canon 350D (Hutech Type I modified) ; ISO 800 ; Raw mode
Mount: Losmandy G-11 w/Gemini
Exposures: Ha: 42 @ 5 min. (3.5 hour total)
Color: 10 @ 5 min. ; Raw capture; ISO 800
Note: Ha images were focused, aligned, and combined using MaxImDL.
Color images were focused, aligned, and combined using ImagesPlus. These images were registered using RegiStar and combined in Photoshop CS2 (paste color image over Ha background; blur color image and blend using Color mode). The fial image was adjusted (Levels, Curves) in Photoshop CS2.
This section of the Veil nebula is sometimes referred to as the Witch's Broom.
Taken from my backyard observatory in southeastern Minnesota.
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