NGC 6871 and Sh2-101 in Cygnus

NGC 6871 is the large open cluster at the upper left of the frame. Sh2-101 is the small, bright nebula at the lower right. It is often referred to as the Tulip Nebula due to its distinctive shape. Several dark nebulae are also visible in this image. B146 is the large dark nebula at the center while B147 is the long, narrow nebula at the lower left.  
Optics: Pentax 75EDHF
Camera: Modified Canon T2i (550D); Raw capture; ISO 3200
Mount: Losmandy G-11
Guiding: SSAG autoguider on Lumicon 50mm finder scope

Ha: 240 min. (using an Astronomik 6nm clip-in filter)
Color: 140 min.


Camera was focused using Live View. Raw images were converted using Canon's Digial Photo Professional. Converted images were aligned and combined with ImagesPlus. Color and Ha images were aligned using RegiStar. The final image was adjusted in Photoshop.


The images were taken on 10/28/11, 11/3/11, and 11/4/11 from my backyard. It was Temperature: 25-35 F; Humidity was 70-75%. There was a gibbous moon on the last two nights. This was when the Ha images were taken.

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