NGC 6819 - Open Cluster in Cygnus

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NGC 6819 is a lovely open star cluster in the constellation of Cygnus, the swan. It is relatively faint (visual magnitude of 7.3) and was first discovered by Caroline Herschel in 1784.

Telescope: 152mm TMB/LZOS refractor
Mount: iOptron CEM60; guided by Orion SSAG Pro on 300mm Komura lens
Camera: Modified Canon 650D; raw capture; ISO 800
Exposures: 18 @ 5 min.
Processing: Images were focused using a Bahtinov mask and the camera's live view. The subframes were aligned and combined in ImagesPlus. The composite image was adjusted in Photoshop.

Taken from my backyard observatory in southeastern Minnesota on 5/416.

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