NGC3628 - Spiral Galaxy in Leo

NGC 3628 is an edge-on galaxy in the constellation of Leo. It lies 35 million light years away and is 100 thousand light years in diameter. It also has a 300,000 light-year-long tidal tail. this is likely due to its interaction with one of the other galaxies in the Leo Trio. However, due to its relative dimmness, it was not included in Charles Messier's catalog. William Herschel did discover it in 1784.

Due to it's dark dust band and flarred edges, NGC 3628 is commonly known as the Hamburger Galaxy.

Telescope: APM/LZOS 152mm Refractor
Camera: Modified Canon 600D; ISO 3200
Mount: iOptron CEM60
Guiding: SSAG on 50mm Stellarvue finder scope

24 @ 5 min.


Images were aligned and combined in ImagesPlus. Adjustments were mad in Photoshop. Topaz Detail and DeNoise were applied.


My backyard observatory in southeastern Minnesota on 3/15/18. Seeing was mediocre. Temp: 25 F.

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