NGC 1491 - Emission nebula in Perseus

NGC 1491 (also designated as SH2-206 and LBN 704) is an emission nebula lying approximately 10,000 light years away in the Perseus arm of the Milky Way. It is an active star-forming region whose center is illumiated by the UV rays of a hot blue star.


152mm APM f/8 refractor

Camera: Color: Modified Canon 650D; ISO 1600; raw capture
Ha: SBIG ST-8300 w/ Baader 7nm filter
Mount: iOptron CEM 60
Guiding: Orion SSAG Pro on off-axis guider

Color: 20 @ 5 min.
Ha: 18 @ 7.5 min


For color, raw frames were converted in Photoshop using Camera Raw. Subframes were aligned and combined in ImagesPlus. For Ha, subframes were aligned and combined in CCDSoft. The color and Ha images were aligned in RegiStar. The final image was combined and adjusted in Photoshop. Topaz Detail and DeNoise were applied.


Taken from my backyard observatory in southeastern Minnesota on 2/21/17 and 2/26/17. Temp: 20 F. Seeing was sub-par.

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