M8 - "Lagoon Nebula" in Sagittarius

M 8 is commonly referred to as the Lagoon Nebula due to the bands of dust that traverse it. It is located 4100 light years away in the constellation of Saggitarius. Its dimensions are 55x20 light years and covers 90x40 arcminutes in the sky. It is visible with the naked eye under dark skies.

M 8 is an active star-forming region. It contains numerous bok globules, dark dust clouds in which new stars are forming. It also contains a young (2-million-year-old) star cluster designated as NGC 6530.


Telescopes: Ha: Astrotech RC-8
Color: C11 @f/6.5
Cameras: Ha: ST-8300 w/12nm Astronomik Ha filter
Color Pentax LX; Provia 400F
Exposures: Ha: 16 @ 7.5 min. (2 hrs.)
Color: 30 min.
Notes: The color data came from an old film image taken in the South Dakota Badlands in 2000. This was aligned with the Ha image using RegiStar. It was combined and adjusted in Photoshop.
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