M76 - Planetary Nebula in Perseus

M76 is a planetary nebula. Planetary nebulae are formed when aging stars begin to eject their outer layers. They are most commonly round in shape (hence the name planetary) but many have some more irregular appearances. M76 is commonly refered to as the "Little Dumbbell" nebula due to its resemblance to M27 in Vulpecula.  
Telescope: 10 in. TPO R-C @ f/6.2 (using Astro-Physics telecompressor)
Camera: Modified Canon T4i (650D); ISO 800; Raw capture
Mount: iOptron CEM 60
Guiding: Orion SSAG Pro on Komura 300mm lens
Exposures: 24 @ 5 min.
Procesing::  Images were focused using the camera's Live View function. Subframes were reduced, aligned, and combined in ImagesPlus. The combined image was adjusted in Photoshop; it was cropped to 50%. Noise was reduced using Topaz DeNoise.
Notes:: Taken from my backyard observatory in southeastern Minnesota on 10/19/15.
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