M61 - Spiral Galaxy in Virgo

Telescope: Vixen R200SS
Cameras: Starlight Xpress Hx916; Canon 350D (Hutech Type I modified)
Mount: Losmandy G11 w/Gemini
Guiding: SBIB STV on 200mm Takumar lens

Luminance: 120 min. (24 x 5 min.) using the Hx916
Color: 60 min. (12 x 5 min.) using Canon 350D - Raw mode, ISO 800


Luminance images were focused, captured, reduced, and combined in MaxIm CCD. The color images were obtained using ImagesPlus. The Luminance and RGB images were aligned in RegiStar and the composite was combined and adjusted (Curves, Shadow/Highlights, Color Balance) in Photoshop CS2. Grain was reduced with Grain Surgery.
Shot from by backyard observatory in southeastern Minnesota. Temp: 60F Humidity 45%

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