M58 - Barred Spiral Galaxy in Virgo

Telescope: Orion 120ED
Camera: Atik 16-HR w/ Astronomik filters
Mount: Losmandy G11 w/Gemini
Guiding: 300mm Komura lens attached Orion SSAG.

L: 6 @ 300 sec.; R: 4 @ 315 sec.; G: 4 @ 300 sec.; B:4 @ 390 sec. (all binned 2x2).


Images were focused, acquired, reduced, and combined in MaxImDL. The Luminance and RGB image were aligned and combined in Photoshop CS2. The composite image was slightly cropped and adjusted (Curves, Levels,). Finally, Gaussian Blur was applied through a channel mask to reduce noise.


My backyard observatory in southeastern Minnesota.
Note: Seeing was average; humidity was high. Temperature: 35F

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