M56 - Globular Cluster in Lyra


M56 was discovered by Charles Messier in 1779. It is 33,000 light years away and spans approximately 85 light years. It is not particularly dense in comparison to other globular clusters.

Telescope: Takahashi TOA-130NFB
Camera: Modified Canon T4i (650D); ISO 800; Raw capture
Mount:  iOptron CEM60
Guiding: QHY 5-II-M on 60mm guide scope
Exposures: 14 @ 5 min.
Processing: Images were focused using Live View. They were aquired, aligned, and combined in ImagesPlus. The composite image was adjusted and cropped in Photoshop. Noise was reduced using Topaz DeNoise.
Note: Taken from my backyard observatory in southeastern Minnesota on 6/14/21.
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