M16/IC4703 - Eagle Nebula in Serpens Cauda

This object has often been referred to as Pillars of Creation following the publication of the now-famous Hubble telescope image. It is a rich star-forming region. Although this is typically referred to as M16, M16 (NGC 6611) is actually the designation of the star cluster forming within the nebulosity. The nebula itself is identified as IC 4703.
Telescope: Takahashi Mewlon 250 @ f/9
Camera: ST-9EXI w/ CFW-8
Exposures: R (used as Luminance): 6@ 5 min. R: 2@5min. G: 2@5min. B: 3@5min.
Guiding: STV w/200mm Takumar lens
Procesing:  Images were focused, acquired, calibrated and combined (Average) in CCDSoft. The "luminance" and RGB images were combined and adjusted (Level, Curves) in Photoshop CS.
Location: My backyard observatory in southeastern Minnesota.
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