M16 - Open Cluster in Serpens Cauda

M 16 (also know as IC 4703) lies approximately 7000 light years away in the constellation of Serpens Cauda. It is commonly known as the Eagle Nebula due to the distinctive shape of the dark nebula within the complex. It is also refered to as the "pillars of creation" following the publication of the iconic image taken by the Hubble telecope. It is an active star-forming region.

The long dark nebula to the left of the eagle is known as the Stellar Spire. The open star cluster within the nebula is NGC 6611.

Telescope: TS-10 f/5 Newtonian
Mount: iOptron CEM60 guided with QHY 5L II-M on 60mm guide scope
Cameras: Color: Modified Canon 650D
Ha: ST-8300 w/12nm Astronomik filter
Exposures: Color: 12 @ 5 min.
Ha: 20 @ 7.5 min.

Color iImages were aligned and combined in ImagesPlus. Ha images were aligned and combined in CCDSoft. The color and Ha images were aligned in RegiStar. The composite was created and adjusted in Photoshop. Topaz Detail and DeNoise were applied.

Note: Color images were obtained on 6/25-26/19. Ha images were obtained on 8/30/19. Taken from my backyard observatory in southeastern Minnesota.
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