Lunar Eclipe Animation - 9/27/15

This was the much acclaimed total lunar eclipse that occurred during a "super moon" during the evening of September 27, 2015. What makes the moon "super" is the fact that it is at perigee, its closest point to us during its orbit around the Earth. It therefore appears somewhat larger (i.e., approximately 14%) than usual. There have also been reference to the "blood moon." This term does not refer to the reddish hue of the moon during totality. Rather, it is a religious notion based on the fact that this eclispe is the last of a lunar tetrad - four consecutive totlal lunar eclipses without any intervening partial eclipses. Each of these are separated by six full moons.
Camera Modified Canon 650D; ISO 400
Lens Sigma 400mm f/5.6
Exposures: 47 at exposures ranging from 1/1250 to 1.6 second.
Date: 9/27/15
Location: 43o43'N 91o35'W   (southeastern Minnesota)
Processing: Images were adjusted (Levels) in Photoshop CS and animated in Adobe ImageReady.
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