IC 417 - Nebula in Auriga

IC is a relatively small emission nebula in the constellation of Auriga. It lies near the much more observed nebulae IC 410 (the Tadpoles) and IC 405 (the Flaming Star). It is sometimes referred to as the Spider Nebula as it appears to be attacking the nearby Fly Nebula (NGC 1931 - not pictured).

Telescope: 10 in. TPO R-C scope @ f/6.2 (using Astro-Physics telecompressor)
Mount: iOptron CEM60
Camera: Modified Canon 650D; raw capture; ISO 800
Exposures: 18 @ 5 min.
Processing: Images were focused usin the camera's live view. The subframes were converted, aligned, and combined in ImagesPlus. The final image was adjusted in Photoshop.
Topaz DeNoise was applied.
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