IC 348 - Nebula in Perseus

This reflection nebula lies approximately 1 thousand light years away in the constellation of Perseus. IC 348 actually refers to the young (2 million-year-old) star cluster. It contains approximately 400 stars. Many brown dwarfs have been discovered within it.

The reflection nebula surrounding it is designated as VdB 19. The bright star just north of it is Omicron Persei.


Telescope: TS-Optics 10 in. f/5 Newtonian
Mount: iOptron CEM60
Cameras: Modified Canon 350D (Raw capture; ISO 1600)
Exposures: 36 @ 5 min.
Guiding: QHY 5L II-M on 300mm guide scope
Notes::  Raw mages were converted in Photoshop before being aligned and combined in ImagesPlus. The final image was adjusted in Photoshop. Topaz Detail and DeNoise were applied.
Location: My backyard observatory in southeastern Minnesota on 11/22/19.
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