Gamma Cygni Region in Cygnus

The area around Gamma Cygni (the bright star at right center) is rich in nebulosity. The bright nebula below Gamma Cygni is IC 1318, often referred to as the Butterfly Nebula. NGC 6888 (the Crescent Nebua) is visible in the upper right region and DWB 111 (the Propeller Nebula) is visible on the far left.  
Optics: Nikon 180mm f/2.8 ED lens w/Lumicon minus-violet filter
Camera: Color Data: Modified Canon XS; Raw capture; ISO 800
Ha Data: Canon T2i w/Astronomik 6nm filter; Raw Capture; ISO 1600
Mount: Orion Sirius EQ
Guiding: None

20 three min. exposures @ f/2.8 for color and Ha images.


Camera was focused using Live View. Raw images were converted using Canon's Zoom Browser EX. Converted images were calibrated, aligned and combined with ImagesPlus. The color and Ha images were aligned using RegiStar. These were combined and adjusted in Photoshop.


This was taken on 8/2/11 at the Nebraska Star Party. Seeing was good. Temperature: 70F

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