NGC6888- "Crescent Nebula" in Cygnus

NGC 6888 is better known as the Crescent Nebula. It is located on the spine of Cygnus. Although it appears to be a supernova remnant, it is actually a planetary nebula caused by a Wolf-Rayet star - one that is over 40 times more massive than our sun.  
Telescopes: Orion 120ED (Ha); Orion 10 in. Newtonian (color)
Cameras: Atik 16HR w/Hydrogen Alpha filter (Ha); Modified Canon 1000D (color)
Mount: CG11 w/Gemini
Guiding: Orion SSAG on 300mm lens

31 @ 5 min. (Ha); 12 @ 5 min. (color)


Ha images were focused, captured, and aligned with MaximDL. Color images were focused, aligned, and combined using ImagesPlus. The Ha and color images were aligned in RegiStar. They were then combined and adjusted image was adjusted Photoshop. Topaz DeNoise was used to reduce noise.


My backyard observatory in southeastern Minnesota.
Note: Ha images were taken during a full moon (8/16/08); humidity was high. Temperature: 55F. Color was added much later (i.e., 9/23/11).

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