Conjuntion of Jupiter and Saturn

A conjuntion of planets occurs when the two planets are aligned along their orbits in relation to the Earth. A conjuntion between Jupiter and Saturn occurs every 20 years but they have not appeared this close to each other (.1 degree apart) since 1623. However, at that time, they were too close to the sun to be seen with the naked eye. The last time this was clearly visible was in 1226. They will not appear as close to each other again until March of 2080.

This event has been refered to as the "Christmas Star" due to its timing. The planets were at their closest on the winter soltace (12/21/2020). This particular image was not taken until Chritmas Eve.

Lens: Tamron 24-300mm @ 100mm (f/5)
Camera:  Modified Canon 650D; ISO 800; raw capture
Mount: Stationary tripod
Exposure: 1 sec.
Processing:  The image were converted in Camera Raw and adjusted in Photoshop. Topaz DeNoise was applied.
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