Central Auriga Region

This is a very rich region in Auriga - one of my favorite regions of the sky. IC 405 (the Flaming Star Nebula) is at the bottom. IC 410 (containing the Tadpoles) is at the upper center. The small nebula at the top center is IC 417, sometimes referred to as the Spider Nebula. The open star cluster at the upper right is M 38.
Lens: Nikon 180ED 2.8 @ f/4
Camera: Canon 650D (Hutech modified) ; Raw capture; ISO 800
Exposures: Color: 15 @ 3 min. (unguided)
Red (using a Kenko R-64 filter): 5 @ 3 min.
Mount: iOptron 60CEM
Processing: Images were reduced, aligned, and combined in ImagesPlus. The red and RGB images were aligned in RegiStar. The two images were combined and ajusted in Photoshop.
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