Welcome to my web site!

Greetings! My interest in astronomy dates back to my preadolescent years. I remember purchasing a Criterion RV-6 with my savings along with some money I had received as a grade school graduation gift in 1966. (It cost me all of 99.00 at the time.) Despite living within the city limits of Chicago, I got some good use out of that scope. I especially enjoyed our occasional trips out of the city for star parties with friends from my high school astronomy club. My interest in the hobby waned during the time I attended college and eventually pursued a career as a psychologist and educator. It was only after my wife bought me a Tasco 60mm equatorial refractor as a Christmas gift several years ago that the passion was reborn (as was my obsessive need to continually upgrade my equipment)!

I suppose not too many amateur astronomers come out of the social sciences. It seems that most of us are in the physical sciences and engineering. But psychology and astronomy are more similar than one might initially be led to believe. Both fields address the same existential questions: Where did we come from? Where are we going? What is my place? All of these are good questions to ponder under a summer nighttime's sky.

I wish to thank my good friend, Jim Hubbell, for his efforts in setting up this web site.

I thought it may be time to update my photo on this page. I like to think that my astrophotography skills have evolved as much as my physical self. Fifteen years can make a difference!

If you have any particular feedback regarding this site or questions in general, please contact me at tomdiana@astronomyphotos.com

Thank you and clear skies!